You’ve heard it all before and written well, but just got to get this off my chest..

ALL management need their staff to realise how important the end to end process is, which means from the first point of contact, to putting data into systems, fixing stuff, updating data and communicating is critical. However small the issue may be, the data about it is invaluable to the business and everybody has a part to play in that end to end process. Collecting information provides insight to help everyone to do their job better and provide better value for public money.

Managers need to OWN their processes; lead, monitor, develop their processes and not blame it on systems. Systems can be improved, but only when the business knows what it wants to do and sticks with it. Stop changing processes on a whim. Consider, challenge, assess and then if the change is still the right cause of action – it will happen.  This doesn’t have to be an industry. 

Stop making changes in isolation. The slightest change can still have a big impact on other processes, systems, training plans, communication plans. Talk to each other, but don’t feel threatened by each other. Aren’t we a team all working towards a better service for everyone? Politics are not what we are about, providing citizens with the best services we can with the funding we have – that’s what it’s about isn’t it? (Naive me..)

We won’t get it right first time, nothing is perfect, throw £millions at systems and they still won’t be right, so why do managers expect that we can create perfect systems first time when we don’t even have £thousands? If we could create perfect systems, if the processes and the people aren’t working well – what would be the point?